The Development Teaching Objectives for DTORF-R: Booklet with 171 social-emotional-behavioral competencies

PEGS for Teachers: Practice positive behavior management simulations on interactive CD

Circle Time Learning: 50 early childhood lessons in 10 weekly units

Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom: Teaching guide with 77 art activities, DTT Stages One - Four

Teaching Responsible Behavior: 4th edition: DTT Textbook for online course

Life Space Crisis Intervention, 2nd edition: LSCI textbook



Developmental Therapy Rating Inventory of Teaching Skills (DTRITS)

Connect teachers' classroom skills to students' developmental stages

Evaluate classroom performance

Enrich staff development

Enable self-monitoring

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EXPANDED E-dtorf Online Developmental Assessment and Accountability System

  • Obtain student current developmental profile
  • Use with any intervention or curriculum
  • Automatically produce IEP documents
  • Calculate goals for end-of-school year student outcomes
  • Document student progress

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 for DTORF-R users ... FREE!

  End of School Year Reporting Form


  • Predict student outcome scores
  • Summarize progress records
  • Analyze progress of individuals and groups
  • Compare results with age peer scores


DTORF-R Final Reporting Form (9/8/13)


UPDATED DTORF-R and E-dtorf  
User’s Manual

Revised guide to using DTORF-R Rating Forms

  • Exit Criteria
  • Understanding rating profiles
  • The Group DTORF
  • Technical information about the DTORF-R structure
  • Ways to document student progress
  • Rating rules and details

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Online DTT Inservice Course, open enrollment, continuing education credits

2014-2015 Advanced DTT Training Onsite 

Leadership Certification

DTT Consulting Services

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