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Teaching Responsible Behavior
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Teaching Responsible Behavior Developmental Therapy-Teaching for Troubled Children and Adolescents. 4th edition
(2007) by Mary M. Wood, Constance A. Quirk, and Faye L. Swindle

316 pages and companion CD with assessment instruments
Order # 11206
ISBN-13: 978-1-4164-0134-6

A comprehensive handbook guiding educators on how to use DTT. Includes evidence of program effectiveness, a complete set of valid and reliable measurement instruments with instructions for administering the DTORF-R developmental assessment of students, teacher performance with DTT practices, and administrative support for the program.


Chapter 1: Students and the Competencies They Need
Chapter 2: Snapshots from Early Childhood Through the Teen Years
Chapter 3: Assessment of Student's Competencies
Chapter 4: Decoding Behavior: From the Seen to the Unseen
Chapter 5: Behavior Management

Chapter 6: Talking with Young or Developmentally Delayed Students in Crisis
Chapter 7: Teachers and the Skills They Need
Chapter 8: Getting Started in Your Own Classroom
Chapter 9: Effectiveness
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CD included with assessment instruments and corresponding forms
Folder 1: SEB Quick Profile
Folder 2: DTORF-R - Three forms
Folder 3: DTRITS - Four forms
Folder 4: Administrative Support Checklist
Folder 5: Analysis Summary Form for an IEP