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PEGS Behavior Management

PEGS Behavior Management Practice Effective Guidance Strategies
(for positive behavior management)

Behavior management is among the top inservice priorities for educators in PreK through high school. Research shows that students' academic progress is compromised when their classroom behavior is out of control.

PEGS for Teachers Software

This award winning interactive CD-ROM series offers independent practice using 12 basic DTT intervention strategies. PEGS provides simulated behavioral incidents in a game format for positive classroom behavior management based on DTT practices. The program is a fully interactive CD-ROM series for independent learning. The series was designed, developed, and field-tested with grants from the Georgia Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education. Effectiveness studies indicate that teachers' management skills and student participation increased significantly, while negative behavior in the classroom decreased after their teachers used PEGS independently for an average of 3 hours cumulatively over a two-week period.

Learning Objectives for PEGS Users

  • Identify children whose behavior needs improving.
  • Select strategies that help children participate in acceptable ways – and keep them participating.
  • Flexible scheduling and timely adjustments in individual student's programs are assessment-based.
  • Experiment with using a range of core strategies in typical educational activities.
  • Apply the strategies successfully with children who have various problem behaviors.
PEGS Content

The programs provide animated simulations of 18 child characters involved in educational group activities typical for each age group. The children portray authentic challenging and typical behaviors. Individual case studies are additional resources. The objective for the user when "playing the game" is to select strategies that will keep each child in the group participating in the selected activity.

When beginning, users choose among three levels of difficulty, select an activity, observe the children's actions, choose among 12 behavior management strategies to match individual needs, see children react to the choices, and receive immediate feedback about effectiveness of the strategies selected in response to each child's challenging behaviors.

Users go through the program at their own pace and time. They are encouraged to reenter and repeat the simulations as often as needed to achieve the goal of the program — full participation of each child character in each activity.

Teachers' Support Materials

The programs have accompanying individual resource workbooks and an Implementation Guide, divided into two sections. The first part, Building Classroom Management Skills, contains additional information and guidelines with worksheets to help the user to become successful with the challenging behaviors presented in the simulations. The second part, Improving Class Behavior, has worksheets and guidelines for applying the content and skills in the user's own classroom.

Earn professional Continuing Education Credit with Your PEGS Software
For 1 CEU or PLU credit, a PEGS user must meet the following criteria:
  • Individual registration data completed online.
  • Submission of a log of time spent with the program indicating a minimum of 10 hours total.
  • Flexible scheduling and timely adjustments in individual student's programs are assessment-based.
  • Submission of 13 implementation worksheets with a "Satisfactory" completion grade for each.
  • Submission of a program evaluation rating form.