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Online Course: Developmental Teaching for Students with Special Needs

UGA LogoAn introductory course in Developmental Therapy-Teaching practices. Open enrollment for continuing education credit through the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and the Georgia Department of Education.

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For PLU/CEU credit a prior approval form must be printed, completed, and submitted to your School System Superintendent or Professional Learning Coordinator prior to beginning the course. To download the Prior Approval form, click here

For further information email questions@georgiacenter.uga.edu

Developmental Teaching for Students with Special Needs is an independent online professional development series for educators working with students who have severe social, emotional, and behavioral disabilities, autism, Asperger syndrome, or other sensory-integrative disorders affecting behavior, learning, and social interactions. The course series is designed to help educators integrate Developmental Therapy-Teaching practices (DTT) into their own programs to improve outcomes for their students.

Continuing education credits available!

The full course includes four content modules, each of which has been approved by the Georgia Department of Education for 2 Professional Learning Units (PLU) or 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEU) by the University of Georgia.
The modules are:

Module One: A Developmental Approach to Classroom Teaching
Module Two: Developmental Assessment for Curriculum Planning and Instruction
Module Three: Emotions and Behavior in the Classroom
Module Four: Getting Started in Your Own Classroom

Individuals who complete the course series successfully will have increased understanding of the many complex processes underlying student behavior. They will know how to conduct development assessments using the DTORF-R, plan individualized education programs meeting the learning needs of students with SEBD, use positive behavior management interventions, apply group dynamics in the classroom, guide students' progress, and design strategies for difficult teaching situations with severely emotionally or behaviorally disabled students.