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eDTORF-R Developmental Assessment

D-TORF-R For more information and a Free Trial, Go to: www.DTORF.com

E-dtorf is a web based practical, easily administered, classroom oriented rating scale containing 171 items to assess a student's social, emotional, and behavioral competencies. It is used for children preK to age 16 to identify sequential development competencies and missing skills in four subscale domains: Behavior, Communication, Socialization, and Cognition. Assessment results provide individual learning /teaching objectives for an IEP.

With automatic summaries and printouts of student progress with repeated measures, this well-researched, easy to use, performance-based system reduces time to conduct functional behavioral assessments, establish instructional objectives, plan and write an IEP, predict outcome scores, and keep accurate student progress records.

The complete instrument with examples and directions is available online and in the CD that accompanies the DTT 2007 textbook, Teaching Responsible Behavior.

DTORF-R ratings can be used to document intervention effects over time when used by trained professionals including:

General and special education teachers
Parents and teachers working together
Early childhood and childcare providers
Home school teachers
Teaching assistants
Volunteer mentors
Program coordinators and principals
Mental health professionals
Social workers and family specialists