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New Art Activities: A Supplement for Use with Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom
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Geraldine H. Williams, M.Ed., co-author of Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom, has written an exciting new supplement to that book. Titled New Art Activities, the supplement offers 83 pages of activities, lesson plans and additional resources to enhance the teaching of art for students of all ages and at every stage of development k-12. While the first edition of the original book was written for art therapists working in clinical settings for the treatment of severely emotionally disturbed and autistic children, the current edition expands into inclusive classrooms to provide art teachers with therapeutic techniques and insights to better serve all children, whether typically developing or emotionally or behaviorally challenged.

Neither Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom nor the supplement New Art Activities are designed to promote art therapy in place of art education. Rather they offer limited use of therapeutic skills to better meet the needs of those teaching art in today’s diverse classrooms.

New Art Activities helps teachers build on insights into students’ social, behavioral, communication and academic development to plan art curricula based on their age-appropriate potential for emotional and artistic growth. These NEW art activities are certain to enrich in any art classroom as well as work effectively in therapeutic environments—for little kids to teens.