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DTORF-R and E-DTORF-R Assessment and Accountability System Kit

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Assess social-emotional development of children and youth and establish teaching objectives for social-emotional competence and responsible behavior.

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The kit contains:

DTORF-R and E-dtorf User’s Manual: a revised and updated guide to using the DTORF-R Rating Forms. This manual contains information about the DTORF-R and E-dtorf, a quick tour of rating rules, rating details and other information to help the user successfully use the DTORF-R. A revised guide contains: exit criteria, understanding rating profiles, the group DTORF, technical information about the DTORF-R structure, ways to document student progress, and rating rules.

The Developmental Teaching Objectives for DTORF-R Booklet (Flip Book): All 171 DTORF-R objectives with examples of mastery at your fingertips. A rapid reference system to the DTORF-R rating forms. Color-coded by competency areas with easy to use spiral bound flip pages. Instructions for using the DTORF-R assessment system are included in Chapter 3 of the DTT textbook, Teaching Responsible Behavior, available through Pro.Ed Publishers.

DTORF-R Forms (Flash Drive): DTORF-R Rating forms, Group DTORF, Introductory PowerPoint “Think Developmentally!” For use with the Developmental Teaching Objectives for DTORF-R Booklet and User’s Manual: a guide to using the DTORF-R Rating Form.

E-DTORF-R: Developmental Assessment

The eDTORF-R is a practical, easily administered, classroom oriented rating scale containing 171 items to assess a student's social, emotional, and behavioral competencies. More...

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Developmental Teaching Rating Inventory of Teaching Skills (DTRITS)

Match your teaching strategies to students’ stages of development. More...

Developmental Art Therapy In the Classroom: Textbook with Lesson Plans

This second edition of Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom is a resource for teachers and art therapists who seek to promote children's social, emotional, and behavioral development through art. More...

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New! Supplement to Developmental Art Therapy in the Classroom

This supplement, New Art Activities, offers 83 pages of activities, lesson plans and additional resources to enhance the teaching of art for students of all ages and at every stage of development k-12. More...

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Circle Time Learning: Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Contains 10 weeks of lesson plans for use daily during Circle Time with preschool children ages 3-5 with and without disabilities. More...

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PEGS Behavior Management: Preschool, Elementary, Secondary, DVDs

Practice effective guidance strategies PEGS is a research based program that provides teachers with positive behavior management skills for their classrooms. More...

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Life Space Crisis Intervention

The Developmental Therapy Institute is a certified Life Space Crisis Intervention training site. More...


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Developmental Therapy-Developmental Teaching: Fostering Social-Emotional Competence in Troubled Children and Youth-Third Edition E-Book

This program focuses on helping children and youth cope effectively with the stresses of contemporary life, with an emphasis on the positive effects adults can... More...


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