DTT Trainings Scheduled in South Carolina

DTI is finalizing an agreement with Richland County School District One’s Early Childhood Program to provide a series of trainings in DTT. The trainings will offer an overview of DTT, a discussion of how DTT compares with the Conscious Discipline approach used by Richland One, an in-depth exploration of DTT Stages 1 and 2, and an introduction and practice with the DTORF-R. Proposed future trainings will focus on creating a developmentally responsive classroom environment, schedules and activities that foster social emotional growth at Stages 1 and 2, and half days for classroom observation and addressing staff questions. 

In addition, Andye Criste will deliver three presentations on DTT at Richland One’s “Closing the Achievement Gap” conference on October 14. The conference will bring together some 400 pre-K to 2nd grade teachers for a day-long inquiry into “Building a Culture for the 21st Century Learner.”