About the Institute

The Staff Team

Mary M. Wood The nonprofit Developmental Therapy Institute is governed by a board of directors and is guided in policy and practices by a professional advisory council. This council is composed of expert DTT certified national instructors, regional associate instructors, and technical assistance consultants. An executive director conducts day-to-day operations. With Dr. Mary M. Wood as senior advisor, the DTI team has extensive experience teaching in higher education, inservice education, technical assistance, program evaluation, and in direct work with troubled children and youth, their families, teachers, foster parents, administrators, and other service providers.

Mary M. Wood, M.Ed., Ed.D, has focused her professional life on improving the lives of troubled children, teens, and their families by translating theory and research into interventions shown to be effective. As professor emerita of special education at the University of Georgia, Dr. Wood currently is advisor for distance learning, research, and publication activities for Developmental Therapy-Teaching and international expansion.

Connecting best practices in mental health and special education has been a continuing endeavor for Dr. Wood. Her academic preparation in early childhood and elementary education, special education, and clinical psychology, with degrees from Goucher College and the University of Georgia, has enabled her to synthesize theory and research across disciplines. To this academic background, she adds 25 years of direct work with children of all ages who have social, emotional, and behavioral disabilities.

The Professional Advisory Council is composed of DTT certified instructors and consultants who are experts in Developmental Therapy-Teaching from Stages One through Four, developmental assessment, early intervention, behavior management, developmental art therapy, developmental music therapy, curriculum, autism, and program evaluation. Current members of the Council include:


Marita Bergsson, ETEP/Europe
Andrea H. Criste, Ed.S.
Regina Erich, ETEP/Europe
Rosalie B. McKenzie, Ed.S.
Jeannie Morris, Ed.S.
Ashley J. Philp, Ph.D.
Constance A. Quirk, Ph.D.
Bonnie Springer, Ph.D.
Faye L. Swindle, Ed.D.
Susan A. White, EdD. RMT.
Geraldine H. Williams, M.Ed.

Additional Staff:

Carolyn Combs, Treasurer
Bonnie L. Echard, Project Manager