About the Institute


University of Georgia University of Georgia
Since 1970, DTT and UGA have collaborated to improve educational services to children, their families, and their teachers. First, in the graduate program in the College of Education and later as an outreach unit of the University of Georgia’s Center for Continuing Education, DTT resources have reached thousands of students and educators nationally and internationally.

Email: dti@developmentaltherapyinstitute.org

LSCI Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI)
The Developmental Therapy Institute is a certified Life Space Crisis Intervention training site. For more information about training dates, costs, and application procedures email dti@developmentaltherapyinstitute.org. The LSCI manual is available online through PRO.ED publishers. For details on requirements for this certification program, go to the Life Space Crisis intervention website:

DTI Europe ETEP Europe
DTT is widely used in Europe under the leadership of Dr. Marita Bergsson and colleagues who established ETEP Europe as a resource for educators and university students preparing to work with children who have serious emotional or behavioral disabilities. Through their work, DTT theory and practices have been translated into training programs with instructional materials in several languages, and new applications and resources continue to be developed.